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Presenting the true Chaozhou style, Chao Jiang Yan feeds gourmands¡¦ appetite with the genuine Chaozhou-Cantonese cuisine and fresh seafood.

¡@¡@¡@¡@A well-known gourmand, Chen Hui-chang made a decision out of the feeling that there¡¦s no other Chaozhou-Cantonese cuisine restaurants now competing the old ¡§Jing Dao Restaurant,¡¨ which was once considered as the temple of Chaozhou-Cantonese cuisine restaurants years ago. He invites Yuen Wei Hong, the administrative chef of the old Jing Dao Restaurant, and a ¡§godfather chef of Chaozhou Cuisine,¡¨ to recreate in Chao Jiang Yan the prosperity of Jing Dao, cooperating with the former attendants of Jing Dao Restaurant. By serving Marinated Meat Platter, Rural Luffah Pancake, Chaozhou Style Fried Oyster Pancake, Chaozhou Style Steamed Rice Rolls, Chaozhou Style Chive Dumplings, and many other Chaozhou dishes, to ignite Taipei citizens¡¦ memory of Chaozhou-Cantonese cuisines. Through these earnest efforts, Chao Jiang Yan expects to mount the throne representing the head of Taiwan¡¦s best Chaozhou-Cantonese restaurant.
¡@¡@¡@¡@Chao Jiang Yan boasts its specialty in comprehensiveness of Chaozhou Cuisine; the items on its menu are as many as 200 kinds, including various casseroles, barbeque dishes, desserts, shark fins and abalones, exclusive sauces, and many other dishes. Above all, Chao Jiang Yan serves ¡§Chaozhou Style Cold Flower Crab¡¨ and ¡§Chaozhou Style Cold Mullet¡¨ and other special dishes seldom seen in Taiwan. Chao Jiang Yan satisfies its guests¡¦ appetite with refinement and delicacy.



TEL¡G(02) 8712-3535 ¡@ FAX¡G(02) 8712-3737 ¡@3F., NO.1,Cingcheng St., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan(R.O.C)