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Book the Cook Seafood Area

@@@@@@@@To breed the various kinds of seafood in an appropriate condition, Chao Jiang Yan spent millions of dollars to build 7 areas of living system according to different water temperatures and saline levels, and divides them into 33 pounds for aquatic products, and by doing this Chao Jiang Yan can serve fresh and live seafood. In this aquarium area of about 50-square-meter space, there is an aquarium for marine observation, where more than 60 aquatic living things are bred. Guests can also have a special submarine experience while enjoying cuisines. @@@@



TELG(02) 8712-3535 @ FAXG(02) 8712-3737 @3F., NO.1,Cingcheng St., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan(R.O.C)