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Chaozhou Kung Fu Tea

@@@@Chaozhou Kung Fu Tea can be regarded as the comprehension of Chinese Tea Culture, leading to the trinity of Chaozhou Kung Fu Tea, Chinese Kung Fu Tea, and Chinese Tea Culture. Chinese Tea Culture was formed in Tang Dynasty, when people had the habit of drinking tea but hadnt quite notice its importance. The forming of tea culture in Chaozhou region can be traced back to Sung Dynasty, and later the core of kung fu tea culture had been switching from north to south because of the geological change of political center. Finally kung fu tea culture found its home and rooted in this ecologically-friendly Chaozhou Area. During the Qianlong era of Ching Dynasty, the making of tea had gradually formed a standard. Essentially, Chaozhou Kung Fu Tea had become the quintessence of Chinese culture. Kung Fu Tea and Chaozhou Cuisine thus collectively make the profound accomplishment of Chaozhou Cuisine culture.



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